Thursday, September 01, 2005

Horrible people

Photo from Fox

As if life in New Orleans wasn't bad there are horrible people who have taken it upon themselves to rape, murder, loot and basically pillage any and all areas of the city. A doctor who had tried to treat people in the Super Dome said that there were 6 rapes and 2 murders last night and about the same the night before along with a suicide. He said he wouldn't go back...he's too scared and even the National Guard can't guarantee the safety of those forced to stay there.

There are disgusting people who are stealing the flat boats from the volunteers (like those in the above picture) who are out there trying to rescue people still trapped in their homes and apartments. They were going after the paramedics who were trying to get the patients out of the hospitals, too.

How people can be so brutal? Have they no feelings for their fellow human beings? Is there something missing in their chemistry that takes away all semblance of humanity? Does raping and murdering these helpless people make them feel more powerful?

I have to believe that they will be duly punished either here or karma will stomp them down in the future.


Tek said...

I do agree with you. But, our government totally failed during this "rescue mission". People that are looting food, I don't care about, but you see people caring out plasma tv's. What are they doing with them. It is just a total travesty. My best wishes to New Orleans, but I'm not sure if they should rebuild. Just horrible about what is going on.

Tek said...

About your previous post. New Orleans is very poor. Surrounding areas of the
French Quarter are poor. They couldn't afford to go anywhere. I lived in Florida and have been through numerous
hurricanes and I have always stayed. I
understand that New Orleans is below sea level, but it is very poverty stricken. Did I spell that right? Not sure, but I think it's right. Anyway, it is the biggest natural disaster that this nation faced.

I agree about some of the gangs are doing horrible things, but most of the people are civil. They just want to have food and water. I like your thinking.

Gazpacho said...

My prayers to all those who are suffering from Katrina.

ps: thanks for reading my blog.

Citizen Grim said...

I agree with you totally, but I dont think the government failed at all. The response has been warp-speed if you compare it to other disasters. They brought up that accusation on CNN (that Bush wasnt doing enough) and Bill Clinton shot it down.

It just doesn't hold water.

As for looting, it's inexcusable in any situation. We live in a nation that is founded on laws, which provide us with order. Subverting that, even under difficult circumstances, will only lead to anarchy and chaos.

There are plenty of supermarkets that are giving away free food, knowing that it wont last very long on their shelves, so there is no excuse for people to be breaking into and stealing from those places that are not giving it away. Nor stealing medication from a children's hospital, for crying out loud.

The defense seems to be, "Well, they need it really badly." But then again, we always need to eat. Even without natural disasters, there are people who are going hungry at any given time in the world. Does it make it alright for them to steal food or medicine just because "they really need it?" Of course not. It's a tragedy that the world is not perfect, but the solution is not to give ourselves over to that very depravity.

Our sympathy should manifest itself in the form of providing aid and help and comfort for these people ourselves, not turning a blind eye when the victims decide to abuse and deteriorate the situation. Ignoring someone's crime because you feel sorry for them is a crime in itself.