Sunday, September 04, 2005

ABC News

Is anyone else bothered by ABCs use of the title "A National Disgrace" for their photo essay? How is an act of nature a National disgrace? Is it the Nation's fault that the hurricane hit where it did, or that the levees failed, or that the people didn't get out? I think this is the ultimate case of finger pointing and ABC needs to get a grip and start reporting facts not accusations.


Kelli's Blogger said...

I don't think the disgrace is that we were hit by a hurricane, but that it took our government so long to respond. When Sri Lanka was hit by the Tsunami last December our government had delivered food, water and supplies to the people there on the same day. Within hours of that event people were recieving help.
With this unfortunately, it took days, and people died for lack of food and water. It is incredibly sad and incredibly devastating.

Anna said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Please see the New Orleans emergency plan
to see just how the chain of command should go. The mayor was to have made sure everyone was evactuated because it was a mandatory evacuation called by the governor. The governor then should have called in the National Guard (which is a state controlled armed force) to ensure safety. Both should have had the Super Dome equipped to take care of these people for a minimum of 3 days (the normal amount of time that it takes the federal government to get supplies etc. to a disaster area). The supplies and such that was sent to Asia after the tsunami were from the US's main charities. The immediate help from the US was money.

Chris said...

plus people forget the flooding didnt start right away. I can remember Shep standing by the Super Dome saying I guess the Big Easy dodged another hurricane bullet. I would like to see if the giving aid to Tsunami victims was with in hours if so I would bet it was pure luck the US had assets in the region I mean the USS Lincoln battle group just happend to be in transit to stations off Iraq so they got there in a hurry but I dont believe they were there the first day. Logistics are Logistics you cant preposition things in the path of a CAT 5 hurricane.