Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Much To Do, So Little Time

The bane for most artists is the lack of time. I literally have projects lined up, along with the beads I'll use, on a table in my studio! And after a wonderfully successful show at Kent's Art in the Park, I've started creating a lot of new pieces for the two shows I have in the next six weeks. But there just are not enough hours for everything I want to do!

Popular pieces at the last show were the triangle bead cuffs, Victorian style pieces, sterling silver pieces and my swirly filigree cuffs. I have several new triangle bead cuffs already created, a couple of new sterling silver pieces and am now working on the first of at least a half-dozen new filigree cuffs. Sometime in the very near future I really need to get a few more photo cuffs created as well!
There are two chokers here in the Victorian style. The top one (crystal) was sold at Kent's Art in the Park. I'll be creating a few more of these pieces in various colors, along with matching earrings. 

This is the latest of the beadwoven images pieces that I've created. This is based on a photo of a pink rose in my neighbor's yard, but I've altered the colors a bit to make it more a mauve-purple.
So, I have a lot of things I want to get done and in the midst of these projects, we are planning our youngest daughter's wedding plus I'm working part time, too. Oh, if only I could have a few extra hours in each day!