Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thinking Too Much

Too many ideas flying around like bats in my belfry. They must be sorted and disentangled so that they will make some kind of sense. Once again, a small bit of story popped into my head, but after struggling to get it out of my brain and onto my computer, the dratted blogger dumped the post. I tried to recover it...but alas, it could not be resusitated. An attempt will be made again on the morrow...

{Can you tell I have been spending much time with my daughter who is learning very interesting writing terms in her AP English class? Not to mention discussing another of my favorite authors, Shakespeare.}


Daniel Christianson said...

AP English writing terms.

Ugh. Synecdoche? Metonomy?

I can't even spell them, much less memorize 45 words each week!

Daniel Christianson said...

I feel her pain.

Anna said...

Sorry, I didn't see your comments before.

Actually, she likes the class and learning the new words. One of them was my word of the day on Sat. anastrophe-reversal of the usual order of the parts of a sentence (Yoda speak...Help you, I will)

What can I say? She takes after me and loves new words!