Monday, February 23, 2009

Art Fire

Well, after some thought, I've decided to give up Art Fire. Between time constraints and the economy, I just can't handle two shops at this time, therefore I've closed my Art Fire shop. I have, however decided to add my scarves to my Etsy shop, so look for those to appear very soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Galaxy of Crystals

My youngest daughter is in photography and she is quite talented (if I may be a bragging mama!). One of her latest assignments was the senses. This is my version of sight...a "feast for the eyes". I'm sure her photos turned out much better than mine. I can't wait to see how her "cool" and "splish splash" photos turned out!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Latest Jewelry Added to My Etsy Shop

Since I have some people who aren't able to check my Etsy shop very often, I thought I would post my latest beadwoven pieces here so they could see them. (Besides, it gets all mixed in when I relist anyway.) So here they are...

The first is "Art Deco Burgundy" candle holder was actually created some time ago, but just added in the past few days.

The second is a cuff I've called "In the Pink" and my youngest daughter said it reminded her of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland (though the Disney version of the cat was purple and black).

The third is a piece which was created for the Etsy Beadweavers Challenge Tropical Holiday which is being voted on now over at the Etsy Beadweavers blog. It is called "Tropical Dreams" and is composed of 12 different vibrant summer colors.

The last is a bit of a Valentine's piece. It's called "He Scattered Rose Petals Before Her" and is the color of multiple pink rose petals scattered across a white background.

And finally, I am currently creating a pattern for the next Etsy Beadweaver Challenge "Temptation" and as I mentioned in an earlier post, chocolate is what most tempts me! Oh, and I am also working on a new scarf for my Art Fire shop. Stay tuned, more to come...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

EBW Challenge Tropical Holiday

Here are the 46 entries in the January/February Challenge "Tropical Holiday". Voting begins on Monday, Feb. 9th and ends on Sunday, Feb. 15th. The ballot will be on the right-hand sidebar of the EBW blog for you to vote.

1. Caribbean Surf Collar by: nemeton

2. Scorpion Fish by: njema

3. Dreaming of Hawaii by: randomcreative

4. A Walk on the Beach by: beadsandblooms

5. Peace on the beach by: PFordCustomJewelry

6. Orchid Beauty by: ArtfulAr

7. Rainforest Necklace by: charmingthings

8. Blue lagoon necklace N961 by: FleurDeIrk

9. Paradise by: beadsforever

10.Pink Flamingo Fantasy Necklace by: gypsyeyesjewelry

11. Sultry Salty Sand and Surf by: janetkemp88

12. hawaii '09 necklace by: thebeadedlily

13. Tropical Sunset Garden Necklace (1384) by: clairecreations

14. The Lively Sea by: farfrumplainjane

15. Tropical Holiday bracelet by: 6Carmen6

16. Beachcombing the Sea of Cortez - A Tropical Holiday by: dreambeadweaver

17. What if I'm a Mermaid by: ThesePreciousThings

18. Tropical Breezes by: RegalBeads

19. Tropical Chic - Choker by: Triz

20. Spinny Girl on the Beach by: BeadArtbyShari

21. Tropical Garden by: SpringColors

22. Tropical Paradise Necklace by: CieloDesign

23. Coral Reef Cuff Bracelet by: FrancescasFancy

24. TORTUGA by: caraway

25. CRYSTAL LEI by: fashionsfrome

26. Tropical Nights by: SmadarsTreasure

27. Tropical Flower Brooch by: enchantedbeads

28. Tropical Dream Cuff by: arosebyname

29. Calypso Necklace by: DeepSeaBeads

30. Tropical Whale Tails Bracelet by: SalamanderHouse

31. Tropical Holiday by: veroque

32. Caribbean Sunset by: totallytwisted

33. Bougainvillea Bouquet by: KerrieSlade

34. Tropical greenwood by: beadshead

35. Beachcomber by: vanishingpearl

36. Island Treasure Chest by: BeadazzledofOregon

37. Mayan Sun by: ThreeFatesDesign

38. Girlie Drinks and Sunsets by: HannahRachel

39. MAUI WEDDING by: Chrisbeads

40. Strelitzia by: MadeByOlga

41. ti leaf and orchid lei by: beadwoman3

42. Sunset in the Islands by: 1965angelika

43. Tropical Treasures by: BeadCatcher

44. On The Beach by: SilverDragon

45. Loopy Lei Necklace by: beadworkbyamanda

46. Tropical Rainforest Getaway by: Bead4you

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Beadwoven Bracelet

Well, I've finished another beadwoven bracelet. This one is 24 beads wide and is a two-drop peyote stitch. It's a Valentine theme and though I don't have photos yet, I'll give you a hint...think rose petals.

I've started planning out my next piece and this one is for the March Etsy Beadweaver Challenge. The theme is "Temptation" and the first thing that popped into my head was chocolate! For me, that's a BIG temptation! I LOVE Harry & David Truffles, especially the cherry and raspberry cremes! Talk about melt in your mouth! Anyway, as you can tell, they are a definite temptation for me, so they are the basis for the idea behind my piece for the challenge. Hopefully it will turn out to be quite tasty!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Etsy Front Page Appearance

I can't believe I made the Front Page! I missed it, but luckily my dear friend Carol Dean grabbed a screen shot for me and so did Grandma Marilyn! Thank you ladies! So, here it is!

Beading and Creation Frustration

I often find myself completely frustrated with my beadwork...not because I can't think of something to create, but because I have too many ideas swirling around in my head. I will have an idea and start to bead and have it turn out nothing like I imagine it, get frustrated and take it apart. So, I try another angle, but that doesn't work or the color or style of beads I have just aren't working out. I know I'm not alone in any of this. I know there are other beaders out there with pieces of beadwork started that now gather dust or just wait to be taken apart. I also know there are others like me who have beautiful beads they have purchased that they just couldn't live without, but have yet to figure out what to create with them! I know I'll eventually use them, I just don't know what to do with them right now! Yes, dear, I will use them, honest!

One thing I would really like to create is a freeform piece, but I haven't been able to let go of the orderliness of single bead size peyote, herringbone or right-angle weave to do freeform! I also want to learn how do bead embroidery and African helix and...oh, alright, I'd like enough hours in the day and money enough to learn all the stitches I don't know yet, learn all the beading techniques I want and try my hand at all the arts I've been itching to get my hands on including polymer clay and lampworking, wirework and silversmithing! But before any of that, I'd really need a studio! :) See, I don't want much....ah, well, I can dream and keep on beading!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

January's Top Droppers

Dropper # of drops
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Entrecard SEO 27
Thanks to all my top droppers for January! I truly appreciate the traffic!