Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Listing and Events

OK, so it's been almost two months, but I've finally listed the Champagne Cuff. It's really gorgeous and it will go with most any outfit. Dress up jeans for a night out with friends or with that little black dress to add just the right amount of bling!

In other areas of life...the girls and I went up to the Buffalo area this past weekend to celebrate our cousin, Ally's graduation. It was great seeing the family there and we will be seeing more of them this weekend for Uncle Cal's birthday and 4th of July celebration at the lake. We really love it there as it's so peaceful, yet a lot of fun with the family!

On the health front, I finally got my injections to block the occipital nerves in my head so that I can stop getting these horrendous 3-day headaches. They aren't migraines as it's not caused by anything other than a malfunction in my occipital nerve. I was really out of it yesterday (the procedure requires sedation) and today I'm still "off", but day-by-day it will get better and I hopefully will have months and months without another headache episode.

So, that's all the updates for now...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

So, we had Baby Girl's graduation party on Saturday and we had way too much food. Though I'm sure the "boys" at the apartment were quite happy since they took a LOT of food home! It was also nice that everyone who came stayed for quite a while. The only down point was the mosquitoes! Despite fogging the yard, having citronella candles and one of those "Off" lanterns, the mosquitoes were still bad! I have many, many bites to prove it, too! Ah, well, it was still a successful party, everyone had a good time and much eating and drinking was enjoyed.

Yesterday was, of course, Father's Day. It was a quiet day for my DH. In fact, Lindsay and I left him alone most of the afternoon while we went and did some cardio, some weights and then went swimming. We were feeling pretty good about our day, but I've blown it today! This is the problem with party leftovers...too much "bad" food left to munch on! Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Look & Stuff

So, I'm really liking this new look for the ol' blog! I was thrilled when the new designs became available and they had these gorgeous roses! I really needed a change of pace and this was perfect! Let me know what you think!

So, Baby Girl graduated on June 8th (YAY!!) and we have her party tomorrow to celebrate. Between getting everything together for her party, other grad parties and work, I've really neglected not only my blogs, but my beading as well! I'm hoping that things will settle down in a week or so....OK, it might not happen until after the 4th and I have all these beautiful beads calling to me! And yet, that is another problem...I have so many new beads, I'm on idea overload and that's added to my frustration! So, I just keep putting it all off.

One thing I have been spending way too much time doing is ogling everything on Modcloth.com! I've become addicted to the clothes on this site and I have at least a dozen items on my wish list already! If only I could buy everything on my list just so I could have a fun, new wardrobe for our vacation at the end of August! This dress is perfect for a lovely dinner on our cruise! The site has so many gorgeous retro/vintage style dresses that it's really hard to pick just one! Then there's the retro/old Hollywood style swimsuits that look great on most any figure...how could you go wrong?

OK, I just really need to stay off that site for a while and get down to working on some bead designs! Focus, focus, focus...oh, look...a pretty dress!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Photos and Info

I know you're probably tired of all the flower photos, but I've been feeling "off" in regards to beading lately. I have started a new RAW cuff with the hope that it will turn out as I imagine for the BAO Challenge theme ("A Novel Idea"). And though it's going slowly, I am at least working on something! I have also decided to list the champagne cuff I originally made for myself. I will make another, somewhat smaller version for myself sometime later on.

On another note, after thinking it through then adding my favorite blogs to my Google Reader, I am going to drop Entrecard (pun intended!). It's been great for traffic, but I find that I don't have enough time for everything I normally do plus dropping from two different blogs. So, thank you to all my loyal droppers and I hope you'll stop by from time to time anyway or maybe even add me to your reader! I'm hoping with the little extra time I'll have, I'll be able to post more regularly!

Photos (top-bottom):
1: Sterling Silver Rose
2: Perfect White Rose
3: Deep Pink Verbena
4: Yellow Daisy
5: Euphoric Honey Bee on a Miniature Pink Petunia