Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Newest Piece

This is a piece that was inspired by a comment from fellow Etsy beadweaver, Carol Dean. She liked my "A Light for Easter" candleholder and said that it would make a great cuff bracelet. Since CD made the suggestion, I asked her to name it as well and that is how "If Harlequins Lived in Florida" came to be...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I didn't realize it had been a week since I posted. Time has really been flying by since I started my new job. It's a real challenge for me since I'm such a night owl and I'm trying to deal with early morning hours. I am coping OK, but it's taking a lot of getting used to. I will try to be better about posting and updating now that my schedule is becoming more reliable!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I am an elementary art teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated from college with a Visual Arts Education degree and a Ceramics concentration.

Travel is a HUGE part of my inspiration to create art. I have been to England, Scotland, Mexico, and lived in Italy for a short period of time to study art.

I love working with ceramics, printmaking, and fibers most of all! In my free time, I create art to share and sell, as well as scrapbook.

Art is all around us. It is everywhere and in everything.
My art is my world and I guarantee that my work is 100% original and of the highest quality. Buyer satisfaction is of extreme importance to me.

Please enjoy and feel free to provide feedback or receive further information about myself or my products by contacting me at
The Shop: Art2theExtreme
The Blog: Art2theExtreme

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Pretty Rock

"Oh Shiny!" should definitely be my mantra and says a lot about me. :) But if you are looking for something a little more concrete from me, here you go...

Yazmin Wickham of A Pretty Rock creates one of a kind or limited edition pieces of jewelry. Brought to life with carefully selected gemstones, mineral stones and freshwater pearls, the collection is meant to lend affordable, quality elegance to all.

There is no reason why every woman shouldn't have A Pretty Rock in their life!

Shop: A Pretty Rock
Website: A Pretty Rock
Blog: A Pretty Rock Blog

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Evening of Stormy Saturday

Here is Sadie braving the blizzard. She went out onto the deck and the snow was up to her chest. She looked around and then dropped her head right into the snow and started licking it up! Silly puppy!

Midafternoon Stormy Saturday

This is from this afternoon (about 3:15pm) and the photos from the previous post were from about 10:30am. So you can see the difference there.

Stormy Weather

We are having REALLY stormy weather right now! We've had a full foot of snow in the last 24 hours and it's coming down like it's never going to stop! A mere 25 hours ago, the snow was almost completely gone off the ground and it had just starting to snow a bit. Now this is what it looks like! But if you're looking for some eye candy, go to the Etsy Beadweavers Blog and vote for your favorite "Stormy Weather" challenge piece! There's 32 to choose from and you have until 3/14 to vote!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

March Challenge "Stormy Weather"

It's now time to vote in the March Etsy Beadweaver Challenge! Be sure to visit Etsy Beadweavers Blog to cast your vote for your favorite piece in the "Stormy Weather" Challenge! It's another really tough choice, but I know you can do it!

1. Our Lady of Storms by Wolf of Dante's Spirit

2. Aurora Borealis in the Storm Season by Wolf of Dante's Spirit

3. Storm Front by Sarah of Hands2Heal

4. Stormy Weather, Necklace and Bracelet Set by Lily of Tulips Treasure Box

5. Storm Necklace by Lynn of Nemeton

6. Ice - Peyote Cuff Bracelet by Jean of Totally Twisted

7. Twilight Rainstorm by Rose of Amethyst Ravenstar

8. Gathering Storm Tiny Beaded Bottle Melody of Salamander House

9. Silver Lining by Erin of The Precious Beads

10. Black and White Rainbow by Rose of Amethyst Ravenstar

11. Eye of the Storm Necklace by Patrizia of Triz

12. Ice Storm - Peyote Freeform Necklace by Jean of Totally Twisted

13. Hope in the Midst of the Storm by Dawn Chastain

14. Storm of the Century Bracelet by Ann of MyFairLadyVT4

15. Stormy Waters Bracelet by Kathy of Kathys Krafty Kreation

16. After the Storm Bracelet by Kathy of Kathys Krafty Kreation

17. Ocean of Storms by Sarah of The Beaded Lily

18. Ice Cave in the Storm Necklace by Erin of The Precious Beads

19. Storm Cloud Pin by Lauri of Lauri Designs

20. Storm Shadows Flower Jasper Set by Paula of P.Ford Custom Jewelry

21. Tropical Storm Beadwoven Freeform Cuff by Mary Lou of Time2cre8

22. Lightning Storm by Staci of Pink Pooch Designs

23. Stormy Rain Necklace by Lorena of Lolos

24. Storm on Mars by Sarah of Hands2Heal

25. Storm at the Iceberg by Ileana of Enchanted Beads

26. The Purple Eye of a Summer Storm by Ileana of Enchanted Beads

27. After the Storm, Here Comes the Sun by Ileana of Enchanted Beads

28. Stormy Cloud Freeform Necklace by Dawn of Play'n with Beads

29. Stormy Weather Prayers by Sandy of The Beaded Ring

30. Praying for Rain by Erin of The Precious Beads

31. Stormy Spirale Rope Necklace by Maite of Flower Creations

32. Dragonfly After the Storm Beaded Choker by Dawn Chastain