Saturday, September 03, 2005

I don't understand Part II

Something else that bothers me is the blame game that is going on right now. Hurricanes are a force of nature and it does nothing to blame someone for not doing this or not doing that. It is too late. It is done. It cannot be undone. We must come together and move forward from here and hopefully make things better for everyone. Okay, so that sounds really naive and probably wishful thinking, but without hope we will only wallow in misery and die in bitterness.

The people who have lost everything must feel as if their world has ended and they have gone through the lowest depths of hell only to be confronted in Houston or Baton Rouge, San Antonio or Atlanta by kind and loving people of all denominations holding out their hands to help. I have heard and read story after story about people giving of themselves for the sake of their neighbor, stranger or friend. People opening their homes to survivors so that they can have a home to live in until they can get back on their feet.

Why can't we spend more time talking about what is now going right than rather what went wrong and who is to blame? On way brings more misery and anger while the other brings us all hope that we, as a nation, can survive these dark days?


Chris said...

I totally agree with you I wish people would spend more time showing what has gone right. People have to stop and remember this is like mother nature dropped a nuclear bomb on NO and Gulf coast. Yes it took awhile for the help to really get there but logistics are logistics they are like a law of nature you cant change them. This nation will rise above the blame game and as the flood of aid comes in and people cool down I think we will start realizing how much good this nation has already done the people of Texas, the people of Alabama, the billions that will be raised through donations from Massive corporations down to kids giving their piggy banks. Hopefully we will learn from this as a nation so we can react faster to the next crisis no matter where it is the "Big One" San Fran or a killer blizzard in the plains. I have noticed that at least on FoxNews they have started changing the tune from "end of the world" to "things are slowly getting better"

Wow kind of rambled a bit there sorry,
by the way Thanks for stopping by my blog I love people who can understand the art of being a smart ass ;)


Anna said...

Thanks GBfan, I will have to check out your other sites, too. This is a new thing for me, but I'm finding it's a lot of fun and interesting to share ideas and insights with people from all over.

Take care and listen for the GOOD news!