Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Flowers

Here are some more of the gorgeous flowers in and around our yard! One more bloom I'm looking forward to seeing is the tiger lily.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Events of May 22nd

So, this day brought about Lindsay's 21st birthday and Ashley's senior prom! Needless to say, we were busy all day! After the photo op with Ashley and her friends, we took Lindsay and her boyfriend Nick, along with more family and friends out to a favorite bar to celebrate her turning 21! We were all having so much fun that the table behind us bought her a drink, too! Turned out they were cheer parents who knew Ashley and didn't realize it was her sister!

Ashley said her evening was great and I know Lindsay had a blast, so it was an all-around wonderful day!

Photos: Lindsay impatiently waiting for her sister to get ready so she can wish her a good time, then she was off with her boyfriend Nick to buy herself a new dress for her birthday celebration.
Ashley with her boyfriend Steve, her longtime friend, Devon and Devon's boyfriend Mike. Don't they all look great?!
Ashley and Steve...yes, they do look cute together.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Don't Forget...'s Mother's Day. To our Mamas, we love you and miss you so much!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Updates and Stuff

So, I've taken more photos of the beautiful blossoms in our yard. This time it's sweet white lilac and beautiful pink azaleas. In a few days I'm going to take some photos of our neighbor's miniature lilac that is so full of buds you won't be able to see the leaves when they are all fully bloomed!

On the beading front, I'm currently working on a lace (netted) cuff in turquoise and I'm debating about adding in contrast colors. I think I'll see how it goes with just the two styles of the turquoise first! I also bought some gorgeous triangle beads and seed beads that I just couldn't resist making into some bling for myself! I have the first in silvery gray using the RAW technique and I'm looking for the perfect buttons to finish this stunner in champagne AB triangle beads using two-drop peyote.

Most exciting is a huge order from one buyer who said she saw my work through another site and fell in love with my style! I'm waiting on some confirmation from her before I ship it all out to her! I'm so thrilled with this order, I hope it all goes through perfectly!

So, that's the news for now...