Sunday, September 18, 2005

In Support Of Our Soldiers

I was going through my favorite blogs and Tom over at Conserva-Puppies has an update on the "ladies" (I use the term loosely) of Code Pink aka Pinkos. Check it out because it's really disturbing. These people, whoever they are, say they are for the soldiers, yet they call the soldiers killers...really, see it here! They stand outside Walter Reed Hospital with their signs so that the wounded soldiers can see them! They think this is okay! That showing their distain to the wounded soldiers shows they support them?? There is also this lovely bit of propaganda.

It is impossible for these people to say they are "for the soldiers" when everything that they are doing and saying states just the opposite. Do they not understand that by saying the war in Iraq is killing innocent women and children, that they are really saying our soldiers (who they say they support) are the ones killing innocent women and children? Yes, they want to bring the soldiers home and that's fine. We would all like the soldiers home, but many of us, including the soldiers, know that the mission is not complete, and the job must be done first. But they slam the President, the soldiers' Commander-in-Chief. They use flyers and posters that state "Innocents are being killed everyday." They call the troops helping to save people in New Orleans, "occupiers!" Are these the words and actions of someone who is supporting the troops? They are spitting in the faces of the soldiers and the Iraqi people, telling them that they are the ones who are bad, evil, killers. It really makes me sick.

The soldiers are in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world doing a job that needs to be done. And they are proud of the work they are doing. Go read the letters on the military websites. The soldiers know that the people of Iraq will be free and that they will have helped them to achieve it. It is an important mission, one that they will see through. Even Casey Sheehan knew this. Would a soldier re-enlist to fight for a cause that he didn't believe in? Would he risk and ultimately give his life in a battle for freedom if he didn't believe that it was important? That it was a job that had to be done? And here is his mother and these people stomping on what he believed in, what he fought and died for. If anyone should feel shame and disgrace, it is his mother and her Code Pink commies.

If you want to let the soldiers know that you care about them and truly want to support them then, donate money, or write letters, or send care packages. Here's a few places to start:
Soldier's Angels
Any Soldier
G.I. Bracelet Show you care with this "purple heart" For Those Who Serve (TM) bracelet. I wear mine with pride!

If you want to know how the soldiers feel, what they think of the missions they are performing, the work that they are doing around the world and even here in the U.S., go read the military sites.
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Army Reserve
United States Coast
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
and of course, The Mudville Gazette

And if you should see a soldier, no matter where you may be, thank them! Because we all know: Freedom Isn't Free!

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