Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yea or Nay-Time Will Tell

These are the Senators up for election in '06. I do wonder if the way they voted on John Roberts' confirmation will tip the scales. It probably won't make a difference one way or another, but there are definitely several Senators on this list that need to get a one-way ticket back to their home states (or another country) because they are "Stuck on Stupid"!

AZ Jon Kyl-R
CA Dianne Feinstein-D
CT Joseph Lieberman-D
DE Thomas Richard Carper-D
FL Bill Nelson-D
HI Daniel Akaka-D
IN Richard G. Lugar-R
MA Edward "Ted" Kennedy-D
MD Paul Sarbanes-D
ME Olympia Snowe-R
MI Debbie Ann Stabenow-D
MN Mark Dayton-D
MO James Talent-R
MS Trent Lott-R
MT Conrad Burns-R
ND Gaylord "Kent" Conrad-D
NE Ben Nelson-D
NJ Jon Stevens Crozine-D
NM Jeff Bingaman-D
NV John Eric Ensign-R
NY Hillary Clinton-D
OH Michael DeWine-R
PA Richard Santorum-R
RI Lincoln Chafee-R
TN William "Bill" Frist-R
TX Kay Bailey Hutchinson-R
UT Orrin Hatch-R
VA George Allen-R
VT James Jeffords-I
WA Maria Cantwell-D
WI Herbert Kohl-D
WV Robert C. Byrd-D
WY Craig Thomas-R

17 Dems, 15 Reps, and 1 Indy

List courtesy of Vote Smart

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