Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Am I a Right-Wing Fanatic?

While watching Mary Landrieu on a blurb of news last night, I made a comment about how she needed to stop blaming Bush and look at her own state. My daughter asked me why I hate it when people express their own opinion. I told her that what she said wasn't an opinion, but a blatant ignorance of the facts on her part. But that got me thinking: Am I a right-wing fanatic?

In college, I will admit that I leaned left as students are oft to do because of the inherent liberal bias of the college professors. Although I did vote for the first time for Reagan in '84. I did not feel connected to either party, so I did not declare a party on my voter registration. Later I realized that I really was more moderate because there were things liberal and things conservative that I agreed with and so I would vote according to who I thought would be the better person for the job.

Yes, I voted for Clinton in '96, and I must admit that I voted for Gore in 2000 more so because he was a known quantity. The "better the devil you know than the devil you don't" philosophy. But starting with the multiple recounts in Florida and the whining and crying and gnashing of teeth mostly on the liberal side, I realized that I really didn't like how liberals represented themselves thus representing those of us who voted for them. The whole situation seemed to degenerate into a children's fight on the playground. When Bush was finally proven to be the winner I thought, "Okay, what is this guy all about?"

Before I could really get an answer to that question, 9/11 occurred. Politics took a back seat. I was stunned, angry, grief-stricken, and I soon wanted to make the people who had done this to us to pay, and pay just as dearly. This is when I found out what kind of man George W. Bush is. He was just as angry, and just as grief-stricken as I was, yet he kept a cooler head and did not amass troops on 9/12 (I would have!). He said that we could not allow the terrorists to get away with this and that we would not let them change our lives. He told us to go on, lead a normal life, do not lock yourself away in fear, and show those terrorists they would not bring us down. He was very inspiring. Then he and those he trusted planned the attack.

Once a plan was established and congress approved it, the divisiveness of the liberal party really showed itself...What is Bush really up to? Why is he so secretive? Why hasn't he caught bin Laden? Iraq? Okay. What do you mean there are no WMDs? Bush did this! Bush got us into this! This supposed "war on terror" is a quagmire! (always a favorite cry) Complaining to the world that they certainly didn't agree to this.

Wait, wait, wait...yes, you did. It may not have been handled the way you would have liked and there may not have been the WMDs that were expected, and yes, maybe bin Laden hasn't been caught yet, but that did not make freeing first Afghanistan and then Iraq and capturing Saddam any less necessary. Would they rather have the Taliban running one country and Saddam still in power with his degenerate sons wreaking havoc on those innocent people? Would that be better? No, I thought not. They did agree to Bush's plan, but they want to run the show, call the shots.

But I digress. Did all these feelings and realizations make me a fanatical right-winger? No, I don't think so. There are fools and idiots on both sides of the aisle. (Lord knows I didn't vote for Taft for governor!) And since I do still agree with some things liberal and some things conservative and I still have not declared a party on my voter registration, I don't think the right-wing fanatics would accept me in their number! I'm still pretty much a moderate....but I'm sure leaning way over to the right!


Gary Aminoff said...

Well, Anna, the Republican Party is a big tent (Didn't the Democrats use to say that?). We have the spectrum from fiscal conservative/social conservative Republicans to Big Government/social liberal Republicans. We have Gay Republicans and Right to Choose Republicans. Come on over to the Party. You'll find your niche. If you want to be influential in politics today, you really do need to belong to a party. Look at what each party stands for and decide where you would be most comfortable. I am sure you will come down on the side of Republicans. If you have any questions or want to discuss further. Contact me. My email address is: Blogger-at-beartotheright-dot-com.

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club
Bear to the Right

Anna said...

I probably will declare on the side of Republicans for multiple reasons. Only one of which is my Dad would kick my butt if I registered Democrat! ha!

I like your site and thanks for the info!

Chris said...

And dont forget us Crazy as_ South Park Republicans we are the most fun because we drive people on both sides nuts lol. Tell you what give me an log cabin republican who understand economics over a socialist moonbat any day of the week.

But one piece of advice, I dont give money to the Wis GOP or the RNC because they are weenies I give my money straight to republican/conservative canidates who actually try to govern as conservatives I believe this gives me more conservative bang for my buck.


Anna said...

I've never been overly fond of big political money machines myself.
It's always better to give "locally."

Gina W said...

I'm a conservative about most things, but I don't like either party. Mostly, I don't like the two-party system. The Democrats, as a group, are particularly loathsome.

I'm solidly behind President Bush and have been since 9/11. In the past, I voted for Reagan twice and Bush I twice.

When my liberal siblings or friends accuse me of being a right-wing nut, I remind them that I voted for Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000. Then I get nothing but puzzled looks and silence, blessed silence.