Sunday, November 29, 2009


I haven't posted as much as I should, but I have very good reasons! I was trying to get things together for my first show! It was a two-day event and I did fairly well! I made enough to cover my fee as well as all the stuff I bought to do this show! (boxes, bags, display pieces, tablecloth, etc). The best part is that I had a really good time! I met some great people who have shops on Etsy and/or Art Fire or who just sell locally. The row of tables I was in had some hilarious people and we laughed a lot! Thank you to Lizz, Melanie, Veronica, Aminta, Jessica and Deanna for making my first show a blast! And also a very large thank you to Tammy for setting this up and being such a love to work with! The photos aren't the best as I took them with my phone, but you get the idea and note the BAO, EBW and Carol Dean's cards I had on my table as well! Oh, yeah, and I did show off my pattern in Step-by-Step Beads! :)

Secondly, yet more personal, Grandma has been very sick and it's not looking good for her recovery. It has been tough the last several weeks and the last several days have been the hardest yet. There is more before us... We give each other strength and have grown closer to each other through this trying time. So, if I don't post for a while again, I hope you'll understand.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update: Finished!

Update: All moved in, but as you can see the window still needs to be framed. I was just glad to have my dining room table back (not that I use it as a dining room table!)

My dear husband has been working on his office and has taken over the dining room table while in the midst of the remodel. This is normally my space, since I don't have a studio or room to call my own, so I have been very cramped for space! No new pictures either because my light box/photography space has been usurped. But, luckily, he's almost ready to move back into his office. The walls, floor, doors and desk are all set up now and he should be moving back in very, very soon! YAY! I'll be able to get some new photos of my jewelry taken! I have four new bracelets, a remake of an older one and a scarf to take photos of!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

I posted this poem on my Hero Blog for Veteran's Day 2006 and wanted to share it again. I truly appreciate the sacrifices our military men and women have made on behalf of our nation. My sincerest thanks to the veterans and those still in service.

By Mark A. Wright, HMC(SS)
22 June, 2000

I first saw him on a park bench
I’ve seen him every day
Sitting in a shady grove
Where my children come to play
Sometimes he feeds the birds and squirrels
Or whittles little toys
Sometimes he just sits and smiles
At the laughing girls and boys

And I never paid him any mind
‘Till one day just this year
I noticed that he wore a frown
And on his cheek … a tear.

Well I asked him why he seemed so down
He looked up, began to say
I lost half my friends 60 years ago today
He told me of the terror
As he fought to reach dry land
By the time the beachhead was secure
Half his friends lay in the sand

That was just in one long day
He fought on for 4 years more
And the 60 years from then to now
Have not dimmed His sights of war

He said they have reunions
Just to keep in touch and share
And for each comrade who has gone on
They leave an empty chair

Well, His park bench has been empty now
About 6 months or so
And if I’d never took the time
Then I never would’ve known
That sitting on that simple bench
With bread crumbs and little toys
Was a man who gave his all
To guarantee my daily joys

So give thanks to all the men and women
Who’re still here or have gone before
And made the highest sacrifice
In both Peace time and in War
Because they bought our freedom
Paid their own blood, sweat, and tears
Then endured the heartache of those empty chairs
For all these years

So please do not ignore them
Or speed by without a care
‘Cause you never know
When you might pass by
A hero, unaware.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Pieces, New Designs

Something new I've been working on. I've done some pieces in RAW, but these are more uniform. I really like them! (OK, I don't like the photo, but I'll work on that. Have to get my dear husband back in his office so I can have my dining room table back for my light box!)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009