Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans is burning

In front of the TV again. New Orleans is burning. Seems one of the fires last night was a police substation that was vandalized and then set on fire. The fires are suspicious, though they had put them off to open gas lines or people using candles, but it seems that they could all be the vandals.

A reporter was at the scene of one of the fires and said that the police and firefighters were just standing there. They could do nothing. There is no water pressure. He also watched as fully armed men went by in trucks and described it as looking like a Mad Maxx movie. Come to find out, some of the armed men are actually off duty policemen. Sometime later the National Guard came rolling in.

Here I sit in my nice air conditioned home, drinking ice water, eating whenever I get hungry, living in my nice neighborhood...such a contrast. Makes me feel almost guilty.

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