Sunday, September 25, 2005

Voices Not Heard

I watched the Support The Troops Weekend rally in Washington on C-Span today and it hit me that we really don't hear from the soldiers. We know the MSM would never print their letters so I thought I would post some here so that people will know just how our soldiers feel serving around the world. If you have a letter you'd like to share, link it here, or let me know and I will link to you. People need to know how important the mission is to our soldiers and to support them in that mission until it is completed! Or see the sites listed in my "Support Those Who Serve" list to send letters to our Armed Forces or to find other ways to support them. They are too important to take for granted!

"Thank you all for your support as we defend our great Nation during the Global War on Terrorism! Nothing compares to the caring messages from home. Every bit matters to our soldiers deployed to danger zones like Iraq and Afgahnistan, but the best feeling in the world is returning home as I did from Iraq this past spring and seeing the support from our friends and families. Thank you!"
CPT Mark Zimmerman, Forksville, Pa.

"I really appreciate all those out there who support us and what we're doing. We all signed up and volunteered to do our job and I know that what we're doing is right regardless of the political excuse for going in. I spent time in Qatar and am now in South Korea for a year and regardless of the price I want the entire world to be able to experience the freedoms that we all enjoy as Americans. It really does help though knowing that good people like you are behind us and supporting us. It just makes it that much easier. Thank You for all your support and may we always 'Let Freedom Ring.'"
SSgt Charles Foster USAF, Roosevelt

"Support means the world to the people in uniform. The men and women all over the world from Korea to Iraq couldn't carry out their mission without strong community support. Thank you for supporting Americans in uniform."
Robert Martin-Magee, A1C, USAF, Springfield, Va.

Letters "borrowed" from America Supports You

UPDATE: Dr. Phat Tony's offering an "anonymous vent space" for soldiers. See this post.

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