Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Latest Projects

Normally I don't work on more than one piece at a time, but I have to take a break from the one after a while or I will go blind! That project is a cuff using 22/0 crystal seed beads in a two-drop peyote stitch. After I finish the cuff, I will be embellishing it with 4mm "liquid" silver, 5mm AB crystal spacers and pink AB Delicas. Here is the "work in progress."

So, in order to take a break from that one, I started this one. I call it "Alter Ego" since it's a reversible bracelet. I've used a metal button for the toggle. I really like how it's turning out.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I've been updating some of the information at my Etsy Shop. If you're looking for a gift for that woman in your life or you'd like to get something unique for yourself, please stop by my shop
A Rose By Name
and see what I have for sale. I am constantly working on new items
so check back often for new listings!


Friday, February 23, 2007

The First Cuff

This is the same cuff style as the one below, though this is the one I made for my younger daughter to wear for homecoming. Though they look alike, this bracelet was created using 4mm round Swarovski crystals with an AB finish and silver-lined crystal Delicas. The one below is 4mm bicone crystal (no finish) and clear crystal Delicas.

I will have to take a couple more pictures of the bracelet and the matching choker. I have these, but as you can see they're a little out of focus...simply because the subject of the original photo was said daughter and her date!
Hmmm, I'll have to have her model them as well as my other pieces. It's always nice to see what the jewelry will look like on someone!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prom Season Approaches

My oldest daughter is a senior this year and has been getting the catalogs for formal dresses for prom. I don't pay as much attention to the dresses (some of which I wouldn't let my daughter out the door in!) as I do to the accessories. It seems that this year it's all about cuff-style bracelets and a lot of them. A lot of sparkle, a lot of flash, blacks and whites with some accent stones in various colors. So, I'm going to expand my inventory of cuffs and see how those go over. My youngest daughter wore a choker, cuff and earrings that I made to homecoming. They looked pretty great...although it probably had something to do with the girl wearing them!

Here is one of the cuffs I have made. I called it my "Crystal Cuff" - very imaginative, I know!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Latest Piece

Here's my latest bracelet. I've called this one Snow and Ice and I've included a photo of my backyard to show you where the inspiration came from!

My Shop

I have an Etsy Shop set up. I'm working on new photos of my pieces and getting more pieces listed, but I have some basic things on there now. So, if you care to give it a gander, you can see it here: A Rose By Name

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Change of Content

I've decided that instead of letting this blog sit idle while I post away at my wordpress site, I will use this one for promoting my bead work. I would really like to earn some money through beading since it is something I love to do and I have had success with family and friends being interested and purchasing my pieces. So, that is the plan. Things will be changing up around here in the near future, but right now...I have to go work!