Friday, September 30, 2005

Am I Really Being Supportive?

Soldiers' Angel-Holly Aho has a very thought provoking post. Are we really being supportive of our troops, or just a cheerleader, or are we doing what we think is right for everyone? I know that I am a cheerleader (never thought I would say that). I would like to believe that I am being supportive, but I know that I could do more and now Holly has inspired me. Here is a bit of her post, but go and read the whole thing here.

"So what am I saying? That you must be for the war in Iraq? That you must cease lobbying Washington to bring our troops home? That only then can you support our troops? No. What I am saying is this - if you are supporting our troops with actions such as letter writing, carepackages or whatever, you have to realize you are aiding the mission you oppose. If you are supporting our troops merely with lip service (saying the words but you have yet to actually DO
anything supportive) then you have to realize you are not really 'supporting' our troops (you are a are 'supportive'). "

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