Friday, September 16, 2005

Media Bias

I used to work with a woman who avidly read The National Enquirer and The Star. We would tease her that it was all tabloid trash and she would say that she just liked to read the stories because they were usually funny. She knew the stories weren't true, at least that's what she said at the time. A week or so would pass, then she would state something that she had read in one of those tabloids and she would be adamant that it was true just because she had read it!

Unfortunately it is no longer just the tabloids that are based on false information. The major newspapers across the country are so biased that they print easily refutable information on page one above the fold, and refuse to retract information that has been proven to be false. Or, if they do retract it, the notice will show up on page 3 of the C section where they hope no one will see it.

The networks aren't any better. But ABC got quite a shock when they thought they would get some anti-Bush propaganda out there by interviewing evacuees. To their chagrin the evacuees blamed the city and state governments and they were happy about what the President was saying and offering them. See the whole story via News Busters. I think the funniest part of this story is that when I went to the ABC News website, there is no mention of the interviews that I could find.

So, like London, we will have to take what is printed in our newspapers and shown on the major network news with a very large grain of salt. I have found that if I want factual information, I have to go to the source if that is possible. I went to the City of New Orleans website and read their Emergency Preparedness Plan. Yes, Nagin should have gotten the people out and yes, he and the governor really fell down on the job. The federal government is the third responder.

So before you take a story at face value, make sure you have the facts. The ABC story, though, has given me a little hope that the MSM has not contaminated all of the population with their lies.

h/t: Atlas Shrugs

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