Saturday, September 17, 2005

Issue burnout

I think I have reached maximum capacity in the frustration department. The more I read, the more frustrated I get. Just a few issues that are making me crazy because I am actually trying to understand why people are doing these things...

1) Katrina fraud: Multiple arrests of people posing as hurricane victims in order to get money. The DOJ had to create a task force to combat this issue!

2) Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et. al and their need to pursue the race issue. If Bush and everyone else not on the left, didn't care about blacks, they would still be in New Orleans. We wouldn't have opened our hearts, homes and wallets if we were all racist and Bush would not have vowed to rebuild New Orleans. And this does not even address the issue that the first responders in this disaster were the police and emergency workers directed by a black mayor!

3) A major cause of the poverty issue is the perpetuation of the welfare state. Welfare, a program in which the Dems were and still are the leading proponents. Those of us who see it as the trap it really is, are called, say it with me, "racists."

4) Palestinians destroying the land and buildings that they fought so hard to gain, including the greenhouses that would have given them an agricultural income.

5) Cindy Sheehan: "occupation of New Orleans". What more can I say?

6) Nagin's refusal to admit he screwed up. Can you say personal responsibility?

7) MSM-whatever happened to reporters who reported the facts and left personal opinions to those writing letters to the editor or the society columnists. 7a) Their absolute hatred of Bush and anyone else with the "-R" behind their name.

8) The poor and Democratic voting. Why do people vote for a party that is keeping them in poverty? Welfare was instituted by Democrats and perpetuated by them while Republicans are called racist and anti-poor because they want to have the poor get out of the rut of welfare by becoming self-reliant. (Did you know that Bill Cosby is racist because of this issue, crazy is that?)

9) The need for some to believe that global warming is the cause of all things bad. Do they not know that weather patterns are cyclical? That there were more hurricanes and more deadly hurricanes between 1941 and 1950? See here

10) Lastly, at the moment anyway, the ACLU. Why are they allowed to change everything including history?

These are just some of the things that are frustrating me at the moment...


Stew Magoo said...

Don't get frustrated. It doesn't do any good. Just be thankful that you have the insight that others lack.

Enjoy your blog (came over from In the Right Place).


Anna said...

I know what you mean. I just did too much info surfing and the more I read...well, you get the idea.

Isn't In The Right Place great?

Otheus said...

What he (Magoo) said. Or rather, focus not on the failures of Man, but on actualizing your own potential and fulfilling your own spirtuality. This was, mor or less, Rand's lesson of Dagny Taggart. And turn every frustration, disappointment, hardship into an opportunity for a successful and morally uplifting enterprise. That was, more or less, Rand's lesson of both Roark and Galt.

Otheus said...

(PS: I am not saying you are NOT already doing those things. )