Monday, September 19, 2005

Same Old Song

Bob Beckel was just on Fox News stating that it was not Mayor Nagin's responsibility to get the people out of New Orleans, but the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security. What is it with these people? He essentially said that none of the problems after Hurricane Katrina hit were the mayor's fault! Give me a break! It may have been the responsibility of the Louisiana office of Homeland Security, but not the federal office.

1) First responders-police and firefighters at the discretion of the mayor.
2) Second responders-state police, state agencies, National Guard all at the discretion of the governor.
3) Third responders-federal departments and agencies including FEMA, and those emergency responders, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. But these are also at the discretion of the governor. A federal agent or officer cannot enter into a state or local problem without permission.

US Department of Homeland Security-Emergencies & Disasters Planning and Prevention

Why is this so difficult to understand?


Gina W said...

I think these Dem guys and gals understand pefectly what the truth is, but hope the people listening don't. I'm so sick of the distortions!

Anna said...

I don't know how they can say the things that they do and be so adamant about it.

Hannity had a minion of Louis Farrakhan on and he states emphatically (Louis' views):

1) The levee closest to the poor black neighborhood was purposely bombed!
2) He also believes that the mother ship is above the earth and transported Louis to it to show him the truth!
3) That the Jews knew about 9/11 and thus they weren't at work that day.
4) That George Bush not only planned 9/11, but everything else bad that has happened since he took office...right up to the "levee bombing!"

Can you say DELUSIONAL?