Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Power of Blogs

Let your blogger voice be heard!

Soldiers' Angel-Holly Aho has a favor to ask. She has a friend who does not believe that blogs are important or read! HUH? He hasn't heard of Little Green Footballs? Holly is asking everyone to send her friend an email. She has it all set up, all you have to do is hit "send." Here's more from her...

"A friend of mine is a radio talk show host for an AM radio station and brought up the topics of blogs on his show this evening. His basic contention was that blogs are not useful, powerful or read. He doesn't have a blog because he does not believe it is a valuable use of his time (that one reads them). He wanted to know if he was wrong or misinformed.


Now I know of the power of blogs, have seen newspapers corrected by blogs (Little Green Footballs is a great example of blogs catching what the media doesn't), I've seen the media turn to blogs for information for stories...I've seen blogs influence things such as the International Freedom Center. What I'd like to do is give him a little taste of the power of blogs!"

So let's give him an email version of a blogalanche!

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