Saturday, November 12, 2005


All team totals as of 12:45 am 11/12/05=$76,052.44!!

Please don't stop giving to this program. Tell others about it and give them the website Soldiers' Angels - Valour-IT And please, be sure to check out the other programs that Soldiers' Angels has going. There are all so important.

UPDATE: These are the "unofficial" totals from the Valour-IT Blog:
Team and their Total


Air Force--$11,114.11





*The information in the table above is not official. It is gleaned from automated totals for teams as of midnight PST on November 11, the information from team auctions, and the PayPal email notifications of donations made. It does not include checks mailed in (believed to be a minimum of $5,000), or matching funds (unknown). When those totals become available (hopefully by Tuesday), this information will be updated and a final winning team can be declared.
Stay Tuned!

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