Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They're All The Same To The Left

I don't know if the television ad ran in your area, but it did in mine. It was the emotional Thanksgiving ad that they put on the air decrying the U.S. "Occupation" of Iraq. They show pictures of families crying together, an empty chair at the table, and then there is a picture of troops in line for chow. It is during the last picture that the line "150,000 U.S. soldiers are stuck in Iraq" is flashed on the screen. Now here's the funny part. The troops in the picture, well, they're British! The Brits have lighter uniforms and shorts. Shorts are not issue for U.S. soldiers! tried to change it by darkening the picture and photoshopping the shorts into pants, but that didn't work too well, so MoveOn ended up pulling the ad.

Check your pictures to make sure you're showing the correct troops! DUH!
Who's that Soldier in the Uniform?

Liberal activists at have yanked an anti-war ad blasting the administration for leaving U.S. troops in Iraq over the holidays after the Pentagon pointed out it used British soldiers to represent Americans in Iraq. The picture appeared as the ad's narrator says, "A hundred and fifty thousand American men and women are stuck in Iraq."

But a Pentagon spokesman tells Cybercast News that American men and women wear darker fatigues with a different pattern and don't have shorts as part of their combat uniforms. After trying to fix the error by doctoring the original photo to darken the uniforms and put long pants on the soldier in shorts removed the ad from its Web site.
Info from Special Report with Brit Hume

Michelle Malkin has the pictures!
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It would have been better to apologies and hold their hands up to the mistake instead of trying to cover it up which just made them look stupid.