Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh, the Pain

UPDATE #2: (1:38 pm) There's a bit more of an explanation at TTLB, but apparently the bugs aren't all ironed out. Though, we may have reached our new levels...stay tuned.
Most of the changes are complete, but some are not, so bear with me for a few days as I complete the work. In particular, a significant change to Ecosystem ranking was implemented last night, so you may have seen significant shifts in particular blog's rankings.
UPDATE: Okay, so I panicked! How was I supposed to know? But this just went up at TTLB.
11/28/05 Early AM
Ecosystem maintenance is currently in progress. Do not be alarmed. Breathe deeply. Don't panic!
I am crushed! I am depressed! The Truth Laid Bear has changed the Ecosystem and I have gone from a Large Mammal to a Wiggly Worm! The horror....I think I'll go cry in my pillow.....

Oh, and my other home (The Right Place) has gone from a Large Mammal to a Crunchy, so sad.

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