Sunday, November 20, 2005

Is He Dead?

In a raid yesterday in Mosul, several al Qaeda were killed or opted to be human explosives. What makes this interesting is there are forensic tests going on in order to identify the members. Could one of them be al Zarqawi? That is the question!

In an interesting aside, 57 members of al Zarqawi family have published a letter in the three major newspapers in Jordan disowning Abu Musab al Zarqawi! This is a very big deal because his family has been known to hide him and support him in the past. Now that the purse strings are cut off, not to mention the disgrace of being disowned, did al Zarqawi take the suicide bomb route? Time will tell!

Info from Fox News: Insurgent Ambush Kills 24; Two U.S. Troops Among Dead
and Family Severs Ties to Al-Zarqawi

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