Sunday, November 27, 2005

An In-The-Sandbox Commentary

CJ at A Soldier's Perspective has a letter from a friend/contributor's friend. (friend of a friend). Regardless, the letter is about what this particular soldier thinks and feels about our MSM and their reporting of the war, as well as the protestors of the war. It is another letter that needs to get out there. So please read and go visit CJ's site often.
May God bless those in harms way
And may he enlighten those objectors
Who never sacrificed their own personal time or comforts
For the freedoms they enjoy the most


What is war? Does anyone know or care anymore? What happened to the patriotism that so many had back in 9/11? When stores sold out of flags and memorabilia, and when shipments were back dated to meet supply and demand. Have we forgotten why we’re over here? What about the friends and family members we all have lost?

Many of us have held our fellow brothers in arms while they breathed their last, the sound of their cries echoing through our minds in a never ending nightmare. Comrades we had never met before, but through the fate of war, brought us close. These are the horrors of war. These are the terrors that we live with.

Times are hard. Mothers have lost sons and daughters. Children have lost parents. Sisters have lost brothers, brothers have lost sisters, and the plaguing question on top of everyone’s mind is, “Will it ever end?” That is a question not soon to be answered.

Many Marines go into battle, not with thoughts of losing our lives, but thoughts of fighting for our country, fighting for the freedoms that so many take for granted, hoping, that in some small way, we can be valiant and steadfast, following in the footsteps of our forefathers. Leathernecks, as a whole, can think of nothing better than to die SERVING our land in its time of need.

I find it heartbreaking that the true reasons we are over here have been lost. 9/11 has come and gone in many minds. What’s worse is the reality that the news has corrupted our good name and the amazing efforts we ALL have accomplished in the last three years of Iraq. So many people think that this war doesn’t concern them, but it does.

Every day our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Baghdad, and elsewhere are fighting, not just to liberate despairing countries, but to also take the fight to the terrorists. It is true, our objective is to spread freedom, but it is not solely motivated by concepts of an oppression free Middle East (we know that may never happen), but self defense.

Was this war really a mistake? Try telling that to the mothers that have lost their sons, as they sob into the flag that represents who they stood for. Tell it to the children, as they cry themselves to sleep, still thinking their dad is out there, waiting to come scoop them up in his arms. Tell that to everyone else that has lost a loved one.

People criticize our government, saying the President is responsible for the death of every troop overseas, protesting that this war is unjustified. This is a hefty burden for our leader to bear, especially knowing it is partially true. The deaths of our soldiers are on him. But to me, as a United States Marine, it is better to withstand the deaths of our warriors, than to let our civilians perish, and have our homeland dishonored. Yes, it is unfair that our service members must die, but they die in honor, assuring YOU that no future generation will ever have to suffer the pain of that fateful day again.

And the stakes of this war are higher than you think. It is NOT as simple as just pulling out of Iraq. Yes, this would bring home our men and women, it would preserve countless American service members’ lives, for a time. But what happens when our enemies come at us again? Will we get off as easy next time? 9/11 was tragic. But what if the next time the death toll is even higher? What if we suffer not 3000 casualties, but 30,000? We cannot afford to take that risk. The war must go on, but not on our turf. We will fight and kill every insurgent, terrorist, and extremist, until our people can live free of the fear of oppression. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Remember the United States of America, and the liberty for which she stands.

Written by:

Cpl. Odem, Richard J. (0861-Scout Observer)

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