Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Remembrance

Here is a post from Thunder6 on the front lines. The loss of our soldiers is sad to all of us and devastating to their families, but it is also a terrible loss to their "brothers in arms".
"I apologize for this bulk email, I hate to rely on such an impersonal form of contact. I'm making an exception in this case because recent events have kept me far too busy for my own good. Last week my company commander’s vehicle was destroyed by an IED killing CPT Mackinnon and injuring the two brave soldiers serving as driver and gunner. I can say without any shame that I loved CPT Michael Mackinnon, he was a superb officer, a loving husband, and a concerned father and my friend. His loss was a terrible blow to A Company..."
I read that post at Atlas Shrugs and followed her link to the more in-depth post from Thunder6's site 365 and a Wakeup. He was there, witnessed, and felt the losses in his soul.
"In the face of so stunning a loss it is natural for the soul to grow weary, and for the mind to wail for that which has been so violently ripped away. It would be the easiest of things to let my heart turn as cold as death and let it pump my veins with frigid and poisonous ice. But that would dishonor the memory of our fallen, and would be an unfitting tribute to men who had given the last full measure of devotion. Instead I will do something far more difficult; I will continue onward and complete our unfinished work. There will come a day when I will weep bitter tears for my fallen comrades and friends, but right now there is much to be done. And it is up to those of us who knew these wonderful men to see it through to the end."
Please say a prayer for our soldiers and their families. Pray that they are able to finish their mission so that they may come home to their loved ones.

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