Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Beyond Words, Beyond Understanding

The hackers are at it again! Grey Eagle's been attacked again. This time it is her polls. Why do people do this? Does it give them a thrill to ruin a tribute to a fallen friend? Do they feel more powerful for doing it?
I will hope and pray this will be the last time I have to post another message like this. But if not, know that I will not be defeated. I will not let your emails refering to me as a "baby killer", your calls for me to walk away from my duties, your questioning of my loyality to this country discourage me. I will not let your small minded attacks to my website deny me my voice, I have earned that right. And I will not continue to allow you to insult the visitors who come to this website to read or learn about life here. This is not a political website so please refrain from making it one. I will begin to delete your comments, I will backup this website so as to overcome your attacks, and I will await the completion of the new website.

Grey Eagle
"Air Assault"
They deny the First Amendment rights of a soldier who fights for their right to the same freedoms!

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