Sunday, November 20, 2005

Supporting Our Troops

UPDATE: 11/21/05: Okay, I am in a bit of a shock. A few people had told me to check out Michelle Malkin's blog and I just got around to it...I'm on her blog!!! I'm not worthy!! Sorry, but I feel like I've glimpsed the holy grail! A very heartfelt thank you to all who have helped lift the morale of Grey Eagle and her fellow soldiers (270 comments and counting) and thank you to whoever tipped Michelle off to the post because now everyone will know and they will think about all the other Milblogs they read and will be even more likely to leave encouraging comments. It's a good day! (Cross-posted at The Right Place)

As you know by my previous posts, I often write about our troops and asking for my readers to support them. Recently, I wrote a post over at The Right Place asking for help in supporting Grey Eagle and her blog A Female Soldier 2. She had been not only receiving horridly nasty comments, but someone had actually hacked into her computer making it impossible for her to update her tributes. Not only was I overwhelmed by the response, but also with the rapid growth of links and trackbacks! When I first wrote about it last night there were only a handful of comments, now there are over 150! The outpouring of support is so wonderful and I wanted to share Grey Hawk's response to it with all of you:
UPDATE: I was more than amazed when I logged on this morning and saw the comments and my email. Thank you all so much. I cannot tell you how much it all meant to me, and I confess to having more than one tear in my eye after reading them all. I am so deeply moved by the response.

Just to explain, as it seems to be a big question. When I add a new soldier to the tributes script/program it prints to the website "you have been hacked....Bush lied..." no matter what I type. So while it does not seem to have affected what I previously did, I cannot add anymore soldiers to my tribute. I can delete, but not add. But there have been many offers to fix or rebuild the website, which I hope to accept their offers and never have this happen again.

Thank ALL of you for your support. I have shared many of your stories and comments with the soldiers here already. It made our day. When you read all the comments and all the email, I know as I sit here this moment I am proud to be an American and honored to serve each and very one of you.

Grey Eagle
"Air Assault!"
I would personally like to thank each and every one of you from our wonderful blog community who stepped up and left comments, emails, anti-hacker ideas, and suggestions. Just like Grey Eagle, I had tears in my eyes reading those comments! Thank you all so much!

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