Friday, November 25, 2005

Grey Eagle Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that Grey Eagle of (A Female Soldier 2), loves all the comments and emails. Here is a bit of her latest post, but you should really go and read the whole thing. (I think I should put a "tissue warning" here!)
"...I want to report that someone was able to repair the program or script that does the tribute. While I will not confuse you with the details that I do not understand myself, it had something to do with a command line in the script that says something like “print this” and the hacker’s comments. So when I typed something in the program instead of printing it to the website it printed the other message instead. This is the extent of my understanding of what happened. However, they also told me that because of the way I set my little website up I am vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. So if you are one of the people who offered to help me build a better website, you will be hearing from me… lol. I will be adding to the tribute soon in the upcoming days to bring it to date.

Finally in closing, I wish to thank all of you who left comments and email, and invited me into your hearts and into your prayers. I am a simple soldier, a combat medic, who has had the honor of serving with the 101st and with the proud soldiers who make up Charlie Company. I am not a hero, there are way too many other men and women here who wake up every morning to face the dangers in the streets, in the cities, and in operations that await who deserve that title. But, for me each soldier I treat is a hero, I am honored to have been a part of their lives, even for a moment and to have cared for them and treated their wounds. Each soldier that lies before me seeking comfort is a piece of my heart, and together these pieces give me strength and give me pride and to face the holidays before me not with sadness but with spirit and dignity with the knowledge that I shared in their courage. Feel proud America, for your children, your husbands, your wives, your brothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers have shared their blood, their sweat, their tears on this soil side by side with the Iraqi people and have etched in the sand a voice greater than all who oppose freedom and the soldiers those who serve it. We Shall Prevail!"

Happy Thanksgiving
Grey Eagle
“Air Assault!”
She has a great site, so if you've never been there, you should really check it out. There is a lot to see and read and take in. She is doing such a great job over "in the sand box" but she says that she is not a hero...I don't believe that!

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