Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SPC Tim Watkins

Previously I put out a call to California residents who would help keep the Watkins family buffered from the idiot Fred Phelps who had planned to attend Tim's funeral. I do not know how that went, but I wanted to share a little something about Tim that Soldier's Mom received from her son Noah.
Tim's favorite movie was "Blackhawk Down" and he and Noah watched it together every chance they got... because Noah wants to be a Ranger and Tim wanted to fly helicopters.... Tim looked forward to meeting Noah's Dad who had flown helicopters in Vietnam.
Tim had gotten everyone into the nutty medical comedy "Scrubs"... He had picked up the first season on DVD at the PX (when they still had access to one) and he was hooked and insisted that everyone watch the episodes... then they were all hooked. "He had a great laugh, Ma. We loved to listen to Tim laugh....
Please read all that Soldier's Mom and her son, Noah, had to say about his friend and know that this soldier was an honorable, upstanding young man and deserves our respect and our prayers for his family.
UPDATE: Some Soldier's Mom let me know that the Phelps whelp did not show up at the funeral. She said they didn't know why, but they didn't care!

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