Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Another bombing. This was a timed triple suicide bombings in three locations within Amman, Jordan. The hotels hit were The Radisson, The Days Inn, and The Grand Hyatt. Jordan's King Abdullah II vows justice. What makes this scary is that Jordan is "usually" a fairly safe place in the Middle East.

At this point there are 53 confirmed dead and hundreds injured. One of the bombers walked into a wedding reception where 300 people were celebrating and blew him/herself up. Rumors among the people outside is that there was a car with Iraqi plates, but that has not been confirmed by the police or anyone official.

It is felt that Zarqawi is probably behind it because of his Jordanian background, but no one has taken responsibility yet. There is speculation that it is Al-Qaida, though, because of the timing of the blasts as well as the locations. (The three hotels create a triangle.)

Where will it be next...

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