Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Lately, we have had a food fetish going on over at The Right Place. This got me thinking about all the "crowing" that the Democrats are doing over the elections yesterday. They seem to believe that "The American People have spoken..." (If I hear Corzine, Dean, or any other Dem say that again, I may burst a blood vessel!) They are so delusional. Both Democratic governors who won yesterday are in states that already had Democratic governors. Yup, 1 + 1 = 2...still works! I will admit that it stinks that the issues in California failed because they would have taken some starch out of the unions there, but considering how liberal California is, it really isn't any surprise that they didn't pass.

But back to my food allagory...this are my hopes for the future:
  • Fitzgerald pulls Plame and Wilson in for 'under oath' questioning and finds that yes, indeed it was Wilson who outed his own wife and will go to jail for outing a covert agent!
  • Accusations against Cheney and Rove go absolutely nowhere and it will be found that the initial allegations were actually planted by Schumer and Reid and they are stripped of their Democratic powers.
  • The insurgents in Iraq are blown to kingdom come and the Iraq borders with Iraq and Syria are successfully closed.
  • The ACLU gets sued out of existence because they have gone too far and the peoplerevolt against them.
  • The 'black site' prison leak is traced back to Kennedy and Pelosi...turns out it was revealed during pillow talk (eeewwww!).
Well, I think you get the idea. We are all allowed to dream. It is still a free country (unless the ACLU keeps going unchecked). But my #1 hope is:

The 2006 and the Presidential election in 2008 go decisively to the Republicans and the Democrats are left to eat a VERY LARGE PORTION OF CROW!

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