Monday, October 10, 2005


Don't you just hate it when people condemn others for sinning when in fact, they are just as guilty? Case in point: Nancy Pelosi. Here is what she had to say about Tom DeLay and the indictment against him...(from Democratic Leader of the House-Press Release)
“The criminal indictment of Majority Leader Tom Delay is the latest example that Republicans in Congress are plagued by a culture of corruption at the expense of the American people.”
And then there's the word on her...(from NLPC)
FEC Fines Pelosi Committees as Result ot NLPC Complaint;
Hypocrisy of “Reformer” Exposed

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has fined two leadership PACs associated with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in response to a Complaint filed by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) on October 25, 2002. The FEC also has fined three campaigns that failed to return excessive contributions from Pelosi’s PACs within 60 days, as required by law.

Under conciliation agreements reached with the FEC, Pelosi’s two committees — PAC to the Future and Team Majority — will pay $21,000. Julie Thomas for Congress Campaign Committee (D–IA) and Van Hollen for Congress (D–MD) will each pay $2,500, and Joe Turnham for Congress (D–AL) will pay $2,000. The three campaigns also agreed to disgorge $5,000 each to the U.S. Treasury.

Law Circumvented (emphasis mine)

In its Complaint, NLPC alleged that Pelosi violated federal election law by operating two “leadership” political action committees (PACs) in order to circumvent contribution limits. Members of the Democrat and Republican leaderships in the House and Senate may legally have one so-called leadership PAC in addition to their own campaign committee. The purpose of leadership PACs is to make contributions to the campaigns of other Congressional candidates.
Then there's Jesse Jackson. The Civil Rights leader who likes to think that he is following in Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps (or rather wearing his shoes) is being sued in Civil Court for violation of the civil rights of Jesse Lee Peterson...(from US Law Forum)
Judicial Watch announced that Jesse Jackson was personally served with the complaint for civil rights violations filed by its client, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of BOND.

Peterson was assaulted and attacked by Jackson and his followers at a recent meeting with Toyota officials who were providing $700 million in minority assistance. Before the assault, Peterson had simply pointed out that Toyota did not have to give all the money to Jackson and his followers, as the African American community had other venues for the aid.

The complaint was filed in California state court in Los Angeles and likely go to trial within the next year or so. In California cameras are allowed in the courtroom and the trial will likely be televised. It will be most instructive for the public to see the real Jesse Jackson defend himself and brought to justice for violating the civil rights of other African Americans. When it comes to money, Jackson is second to none in putting greed ahead of principle. But now he will pay the price in the form of damages, stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. (emphasis mine)

"Judicial Watch stands for the principle that no one, not even Jesse Jackson, is above the law," added Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton.
I doubt you will find anything about either one story in The New York Times or on CNN or MSNBC. But we all know that the main stream media isn't biased! (/sarcasm)

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