Thursday, October 27, 2005

Upcoming Election

Vote-SmartSometimes it's the issues that keep people from voting when there isn't a general or mid-term election. The issues don't always have commercials and they are not widely promoted, so we often find out what the issues are as we are standing in the voting booth. We all know that the way the issues are written can easily be misunderstood, so the best thing to do is be informed before you vote. Project Vote Smart is one place that you can get information on the issues. They are a non-partisan group that gathers information from every state and every candidate for the specific reason of keeping voters informed. It is a great resource when there is a general or mid-term election too, because they have information on the candidates including their past voting records.

Election information can also be found on your state's website. If your state site is like mine, you may have to dig for it a little bit, but it's there. You can also visit candidates' websites, but there, you definitely have a bias.

So be informed before you vote.

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