Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blogosphere, What's That?

Well, it's been proven. O'Reilly has no clue about the world wide blogosphere! He had Paul Mirengoff from Powerline on his show this evening and he just couldn't grasp that Powerline was not the same as the "basher blogs" out there. He asked, rephrased, and asked again about whether Powerline was a smear tactic blog that went for defaming people. Poor Paul wasn't able to get through to him that they are not a "smash and dash" blog like Smoking Gun or Media Matters. All of this just goes to show that O'Reilly, despite having a website of his own, knows nothing about blogs, the blogosphere, or anything about any specific blogs, other than the ones that have ranted about him. (And those, only because his research crew tells him.)

Poor man.

As an aside on the Harriet Mier nomination:
O'Reilly had Ann Coulter on his show and she completely despises Harriet Mier. Ann believes that Harriet has absolutely no business being nominated for "The Supreme Court, The Highest Court In The Land". As if Harriet is unworthy of even being in the same room as a Supreme Court Justice! I couldn't believe how virtiolic she was being.

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