Friday, October 28, 2005

And So It Begins

Here comes the Left with their false sympathy or rather sanctimonious attitudes.

Here's a bit from CNN:
The event that triggered the legal and political quagmire that has put the White House on edge was a syndicated newspaper column by Robert Novak, published on July 14, 2003, about Joe Wilson.
They (the liberals) certainly like that word, don't they? Here's something with a twist from Matt Crenson of AP:
Today's News Haiku: The Libby Indictment (We'll Be Doing These Occasionally)
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By Matt Crenson The Associated Press Published: Oct 28, 2005

Today's news haiku:
Veep staff chief in soup
over covert agent gal.
Bush Svengali next?

(The rules: a first line of five syllables, a second line of seven and a third line of five. No opinions. Be oblique. Try it yourself! Send us some!)
It's very interesting that an AP reporter would think that the whole situation is worth an online poetry party. The Washington Post has some quotes from Democrats that are interesting (or rather typical)...
Democrats suggested the indictment was just the tip of the iceberg. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the case was larger than Libby and "about how the Bush White House manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to bolster its case for the war in Iraq and to discredit anyone who dared to challenge the president."
or this...
Sen. John Kerry, who ran unsuccessfully against Bush last year, called the case "evidence of White House corruption at the very highest levels, far from the 'honor and dignity' the president pledged to restore to Washington just five years ago."
I'm sure that the rest of the day will bring golden platitudes from the Democrats.

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