Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Laugh

Here's another fun site to go to...The People's Cube.

The People's Research Institute (PRI) has found a way of stopping right-wing ideology in America and ending our losses at the ballot box: we need to face our opponent's "facts" and "logic" by learning how to frame the debate. The Progressive Truth Generator™ will help you to set the terms of debate on issues in your favor and quickly terminate all discussion!

Attention progressive, socialist, liberal, pacifist, anarchist, feminist, or environmentalist debaters! Whether you are fighting class enemy over the Internet, in school, or at your parent's house over dinner, this tool is for you. No more awkward mumbling or looking for the right word! Just enter your ideological opponent's name and generate a Progressive Truth that will render your enemies speechless!

This is what it came up with for me:
Anna @ A Rose, you are a two-faced McCarthyist because you read The Fountainhead and despised Ellsworth Toohey!
What's really funny about this is that I'm reading The Fountainhead right now! (not sure how I feel about Ellsworth Toohey, though!)

This was unabashedly stolen (or as she likes to say, "pimped") from Wonder Woman at A North American Patriot .

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