Monday, October 24, 2005

Forced Silence

It's probably just me, but I tried to leave comments at both Bookworm Room and The Conservative UAW Guy and Haloscan is letting me look at the comments, and even write one out, but when I hit "publish" the comments box goes blank! So, I close it, and check, and my comment is not there! This is very aggravating. Anyone else having this problem? (Probably ironic of me to ask since I have Haloscan, too, and you may not be able to comment here!)

UPDATE: Well, I can't even get a message to Haloscan because they use "Comments" to request help in the forums! This is ridiculous. I will keep trying to let Haloscan know, but so far, I can't get through the FAQ/Troubleshooting/etc.! If anyone knows anything, contact me through my email...listed in profile. THANKS!

UPDATED UPDATE: Seems that Haloscan is down around the world. There is a message forum that I was able to get into, but there has been no reply from Haloscan.
We know they are aware of the problem because a question re: getting an error message, but there has been nothing since then...about 11 hours ago! Hope they get this working very soon!

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