Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Poor Pakistan (in many ways). They have been having aftershocks over the last hours. One a 5.8 closely followed by a 5.6. Enough to topple already unstable buildings and cause landslides. These people are scared and hundreds of thousands are now homeless. They have raised the death toll up to 79,000. This is such a horrible catastrophe. I can only imagine how many families have been ripped apart by this death and devastation! And there are still so many thousands of people who have yet to receive any help because they live in such remote mountainous areas and the weather has not been very cooperative at some points.

The US has had a lot of devastation this year, but despite everything, our death toll is nowhere near Pakistan's. I'm sure there are some who would say I have no place to say anything because I don't live on the Gulf Coast, but I would think that we should be thanking our lucky stars for living here in the US where there are building codes and national services to turn to when something disasterous happens.

Picture via Pakistan Link Aftershock info from Reuters.

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