Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'd like to find out what people are paying for gas in their area. Neil Cavuto had a guy on his show today ranting and raving about how the big oil companies are gouging the public. He's a congressman (Democrat, of course) from New Jersey, but I didn't catch his name. ANYWAY...

I'd just like to know what everyone is paying for gas these days and about what you were paying almost two months ago (A.K.-After Katrina). Do you think the oil companies are gouging you or is it the distributors, or even the station owners? The highest prices I've seen are the stations that are independently owned.

I live in NE Ohio (Summit County) and we are paying $2.25 right now and at the height right after Katrina was $2.98. All-in-all I don't think the price right now is that bad, but then I remember having to sit in line in the 70s to fill up the car. (Well, for Mom or Dad to fill up our car.) And if I'm not mistaken, by cost of living increases, we were paying more then.

UPDATE: It was Rep. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Democratic Caucus Chairman.

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