Saturday, October 15, 2005

Protesting Turns to Riots

This is just so ridiculous. A Neo-Nazi group was setting up to have a rally in Toledo, Ohio. Now, I can't stand these types of groups, but they do have a right to assemble. I would have probably protested their presence, but only verbally.

The protesters are there. Some were Skin Heads, but the majority were black gang members and young black men. They were yelling at the Nazi group. The yelling turned to throwing eggs, and then rocks. The cops who had assembled to keep the peace found themselves having to deal with the protesters and not the rally members. In fact, the Nazi group was actually escorted out of town.

Well, the protesters decided they weren't done yet. They started throwing rocks and even injured a few of the police. They broke windows of the police cars, the media vans were attacked and then the protesters then became looters! The helo news cameras showed a huge group of them tearing down a fence and then breaking the windows of a gas station and throwing items (looked like packs of cigarettes) out to other "protesters" outside.

What is it with these people? I can completely understand them protesting the Neo-Nazi group and not wanting them there. But why in the world would they then go through the neighborhood and nearby park, ransacking and trashing everything within their sight? From what one of the reporters stated, these people were not necessarily from that neighborhood. There were protesters from other areas who came in just to protest the Neo-Nazis. But who were the ones wreaking havoc on the neighborhood? What is the point of these people trashing the neighborhoods where some of them probably live? It just doesn't make any sense to me!

Now they are throwing rocks through the windows of someone's home. Apparently there are people holed up in their houses and are afraid to go out. Staying in their houses doesn't seem to keep them safe either. These creeps are breaking into the houses now. Breaking down the doors. I pray that there aren't any people in these houses. The one apartment has been ransacked and the other one is being literally attacked now. These people are complete criminals and idiots! They are on tape, their fingerprints will be everywhere, do they think they will get off scott free? What goes through their minds? (Probably nothing...that's the problem!)

Fox News

Sometimes I am saddened by the these situations that put Ohio in such a bad light. It seems that some of the worst people find their way into or out of Ohio. I have to wonder what our society is coming to when people lose complete control like this.

Update: In rereading this post, it sounds as though I am being racist. But if you see the video from the news helos, you can see that the people rioting, looting, breaking and entering, trashing property have dark skin.

The people that live in this particular neighborhood area are older white families and they have complained to the city about the gangs roaming the streets. The Neo-Nazis from West Virginia heard about it and decided they would come and "take back the streets" in this neighborhood. None of this is right, but it is not a reason for the destruction that's happening. The Neo-Nazis didn't even get their rally. They were shut down before their rally even started and escorted out of town. Why then was it necessary to destroy everything? The apartment they were looting is now on fire. Do these people have no conscious? No morals? No sense?

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