Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Statistics 101

Harvey over at Bad Example has a great set of numbers regarding the Iraqi vote 10 days ago. Things are so much better than the MSM and liberals would have us believe and here is the proof:
Election Comparison January 30th vs. October 15th

Registered voters:
Jan 30th - 14.3 million voters registered
Oct 15th - 15.6 million voters registered

Numbers of polling centers:
Jan 30th - 5,677 polling centers
Oct 15th - 5,852 polling centers, with most of the new centers going to Sunni regions.


Total attacks in Iraq:
Jan 30th - 299 attacks
Oct 15th - 89 attacks

Total polling place attacks:
Jan 30th - 108 attacks
Oct 15th - 19 Attacks

Total number of Civilians killed:
Jan 30th - 30 Deaths (34 overall)
Oct 15th - 3 Deaths (10 overall)
Harvey has even more numbers that he gleaned from CentCom. See Harvey's more extensive post and read the news at CentCom. There are always interesting stories there that you won't see in the MSM.

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