Friday, December 02, 2005


Safety wins out over the ACLU or in this case the NYCLU. Court votes to keep the searches despite the people yapping over "private property" or time constraints. I would gladly spend extra time in line and open up my bags for searches if it meant I could be assured that I wouldn't get blown up once I was on the subway! Stop the ACLU has the story in more depth.
Well of course they plan to appeal, they wouldn’t want common sense to prevail! I understand the ACLU’s concern on this. No one wants to live in a police state. However, I think they are completely overzealous in this. The majority of people do not mind being searched if it means they will live another day. Besides, the ACLU would have another fit if we were to try to implement profiled searches. And they have even proven through their lawsuit in Tampa against Raymond James Stadium that they are against searches across the board. The irony is that on their own building they have a sign that says you may be subject to search upon entering. The ACLU have twisted a legitimate attempt to protect NY’s citizens into a scare tactic method completely overexaggerated. Why can’t they see what most people can? The threat of being blown up is a greater risk, than the far fetched idea of a police state.
A win for safety...let's hope their appeals don't go anywhere!

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