Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Memories or Traditions

With a big hat tip to Groovy Vic of Fiddle Dee Dee, I thought I would ask the question: What is your favorite Christmas memory or tradition? Or any winter holiday memory or tradition?

Our family was decorating the Christmas tree this evening and as my husband was putting the lights on, I was trying to remember if we had lights on our first tree. I remember that I didn't want to use any boxed ornaments. We had gotten "Our First Christmas Together" ornaments (six of them from different family and friends) and I didn't want to buy a bunch of ornaments that didn't have special meaning. So our first Christmas tree had six ornaments, a paper-ring chain, a popcorn and cranberry chain and a cardboard star covered in aluminum foil. It was one of the most beautiful Christmas trees we ever had!

Every year since then, I have purchased a special ornament for each member of the family and they are the only ones that go on the tree, along with the girls' homemade ornaments, of course. But the reason I did this is I wanted the girls to have special ornaments that they would take with them when they left home as adults.

We had one bad year, though, that took out several ornaments. Our tree fell over, not once, but twice! I was heart broken because each ornament had a special meaning, and the loss of them was very sad. Needless to say, some of our ornaments are a little off because they are glued back together! I suppose that makes them special, too.

I love our Christmas traditions. Many of them were passed down to me from my mom and my grandma. My husband's tradition that we adopted was the wrapping of all of Santa's gifts. My parents never did that, which is why my brother and I would get up and play with our toys at four in the morning! So, in our little family we had (the girls don't believe in Santa anymore) special wrapping paper for each of the girls and Santa had special gift tags, too. It was a lot of fun when the girls were little.

What makes the Christmas holiday for you? Is it the food? The traditions? The music? The family? The friends? There are so many things involved in Christmas, what makes it special for you?

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