Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stop The ACLU

Did you know that your tax dollars are paying for the ACLU to take our schools and city halls to court? Yup, they take us to court and if they win they not only get their way with the anti-religion, anti-family issue, but they also get the monetary court costs! How's that for a kick in the butt?

There is, however, a Congressman, Rep. John Hostettler (R-Ind) who has put forth a bill that will stop monetary awards in civil cases. It's called the Public Expression of Religion Act, or PERA (H.R.2679). This is great. If the ACLU doesn't make money from their cases and they "don't accept government funding" then they won't have an incentive to go after any and all religious cases and rake in the cash.

Here is a part of the podcast with Rep. Hostettler and Rees Lloyd, a former ACLU attorney and the entire exchange is posted by Jay at Stop the ACLU:
Lloyd, a California civil-rights attorney, is an officer with the American Legion who wrote a resolution passed by the national organization supporting Hostettler’s bill.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Hostettler’s proposal would amend the Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Act of 1976, 42 U.S.C. Section 1988, to prohibit prevailing parties from being awarded attorney’s fee in religious establishment cases, but not in other civil rights filings. This would prevent local governments from having to use taxpayer funds to pay the ACLU or similar organization when a case is lost, and also would protect elected officials from having to pay fees from their own pockets.

Hostettler says some organizations have created a new civil liberty – a right to be protected “from religion, which is found nowhere in the Constitution, nowhere in the Bill of Rights.” The Indiana congressman blames “a very select group” for “perverting” the original statute, including the ACLU, People for the American Way and Americans United for the Separate of Church and State.

“They use this statute to extort behavior out of individuals,” the congressman said, citing the Indiana Civil Liberties Union threatening local educators. The group sent a letter to officials saying they would be sued and be forced to pay attorney’s fees should any graduation prayers be offered at commencement ceremonies. The threat sent the message, Hostettler said, that individuals tied to school districts could be impoverished personally.
To help get this bill passed, a petition is being circulated and by signing it, we would show that we want our freedom of religious expression back! You can go here to sign the petition. Or call/contact your congressman to back the bill!

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