Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Democratic Abusers

Budgie over at Red Hot Cuppa Politics has a great post about how similar the Democratic party is to an abuser. Here's a snippet, but please go and read the's a great post!
1) Blame the victim. (That's a good one, and you see it carried out in the NYT's and most major media outlets on a regular basis. Katrina was caused by global warming because a lot of Americans drive SUV's, and Bush didn't sign the Kyoto treaty. The USA brought 9/11 on itself. Etc.)

2) Never, ever permit the abused child a victory. Even if the kid does something right, ignore it. For example, if a kid is making straight A's, in school, make sure and tell her that school's worthless to begin with. (This happens when folks "support the troops" but say the war's a mistake.) Or, if the kid makes the honor roll, make sure to ground him for not doing the dishes five weeks ago. (Apply this principle to the fact that we've been treated to endless photo's about perceived abuses at Abu Gharib, and Gitmo, but hardly anything about the good our troops have done there. For that matter, there was a huge victory with the Iraqi election -- but what does the NYT's care about -- a perceived infringement of civil rights two years ago)

3) Lie to the rest of the world about abuse. For example, really, really abusive families put on a "perfect" front to their community. (Kind of like US Democrat Senators' sanctimoniousness about their own patriotism -- and notice that they managed to defeat the Patriot Act yesterday by using their favorite baseball bat, the filibuster. Notice also how Bill Frist seems to be just going along with it.)
I really think she's on to something here. The parallels are quite amazing.

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