Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Clinton Makes the Grade

Okay, so he really doesn't make the grade, but he has made the history books. As pointed out in this NewsMax article.
Seven years after he was impeached in a scandal of sex, perjury and bitter politics, Clinton has become a fixture in major high school texts.

The impeachment is portrayed in the context of his two-term tenure, a milestone event, but not one that overshadows how Clinton handled the economy, crime and health care.
Notice how his indiscretions are just a part of the story (which I realize is true), but he lied to a grand jury. This is the same crime that with which Scooter Libby has been charged. Now I realize that Clinton was the President, but that doesn't make him above the law. You know, it's the same thing the liberals are screeching about Bush and the NSA "scandal."

This double standard the liberals have is very annoying. You know that when the history of Bush's Presidency is written into the books, it will be negative. This will be the case simply because the text books are written by the "academic elite" who are decidedly biased to the left.
Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001, the growing-up years of today's high school students. Even today's oldest high school students were only 10 or 11 during the height of the scandal, and today's middle schoolers were just approaching or entering first grade.

So, for students, the impeachment is literally a subject for the history books.

"This is very difficult for everybody, because it's so fresh," said Gilbert Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, an independent research group that reviews history texts used in schools. "It's easier to nail down history like the transcontinental railroad. With Clinton, you're dealing with material that has by no means been settled." (emphasis mine)
Let's hope that settling the history will include Whitewater, Lewinski, and let's not forget the Barrett Report. I didn't know about this...I thought I had heard rumors of it though. It's the scandal that involves both Bill and Hillary and their unlawful use of the IRS to persecute their enemies. This particular report has been suppressed by the liberals since 1994. It has been surfacing just recently, but the liberals are trying to yell louder about Bush and the NSA hoping that no one will notice Billary's scandal.

Unfortunately, it is as The Conservative Voice has written in their article:
In other words there is no such thing as "fair and balanced" in the mainstream media. There is however: "how can we get over on these people -- or as newsman Sam Donaldson calls us, Yahoos -- and not get caught doing it" in the mainstream news media.

George Bush attempts to save American lives by spying on terrorists and their cohorts who just might be American citizens and he's portrayed as evil and a criminal. Bill and Hillary Clinton send out the attack dogs of the one government agency that totally disregards constitutional protections in order to silence critics and whistleblowers, and the media establishment and many Americans love them. Sometimes one wonders if this country is even worth protecting.

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