Friday, December 02, 2005

Washington Democrats Do Not Speak for Me!

I am getting so tired and disgusted with the sweeping generalities the politicians on the left are using. They keep stating that a majority of Americans want us out of Iraq. How would they know? They didn't ask me, they probably didn't ask any of you, either! I finally decided to let my congressman know. I am asking him to be my voice and let other politicians in Washington know that those on the left do not speak for everyone as they would like people to believe. This is what I wrote. It probably isn't as polished as I would like, but I was pretty ticked off!
Please, please do not let a few very vocal Democrats get the rest of congress running scared about the war in Iraq. We (many, many of my fellow bloggers and I) do not want the soldiers pulled before their mission is complete. We believe the soldiers on the ground. They tell us that things in Iraq are getting better and better and not worse as the left and the media would have us believe.

Please be our voice and let the other Republican politicians know that we are behind the soldiers AND their mission. They want to finish it and we stand behind that! Please do not let the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice be martyrs to the Democratic party line. Murtha, Pelosi, Dean, Reid, Kerry, etc. DO NOT speak for all of us. Please let them know that "all Americans" do NOT want what they want!

If anything would prove that the mission is important and needs to be finished, it's the soldiers who are re-upping for their 3rd and some even 4th tour in Iraq. Or the soldiers who are injured or have lost limbs who want nothing more than to go back and finish the job with their men. The anti-war group is feeding Al-Jazeera's thirst for dissent in the US and they in turn are feeding the insurgents. Please do not let them get away with it!

Thank you for your time and please consider all that I have said and listen to all of your constituents.

Anna Neff
I suppose that it sounds somewhat egotistical, but it was only meant to let him know that I am not one of the people the Democrats are supposedly speaking for. The problem we on the right have is that we are not being as vocal as the left. We need to let our politicians know what we think and feel just as much as the loud-mouthed lefties do.

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