Friday, December 02, 2005

The Numbers That Really Count!

Over the past several weeks the MSM has been obsessed with numbers such as the 2,000 soldier lost (God rest their souls) in Iraq and today it was the 1,000 person put to death under the reinstated death penalty. Well, here are numbers from Confessions of a Military Recruiter that mean so much to the people of Iraq and the soldiers laying down their lives for their freedom! Numbers that you won't see anywhere in the MSM.
  • Over 2510 schools have been rebuilt.
  • More than 5.5 million children are back in the classroom, and girls now outnumber boys. Overall attendance during exam week was 97 percent.
  • More than 51 million new textbooks - without propaganda - have been distributed to students.
  • Trained 33,000 teachers, and set up first ever PTA associations.
  • Iraqi teachers now earn up to 25 times their salaries before liberation.
  • Gave school supplies to over 2 million students.
  • Encouraged girls to attend school, first ever all-girls schools open. Female enrollment is up 96% in Iraq schools.
  • First Iraqi Fulbright Students and Scholars in 14 Years Come to the United States.
  • 15 of 18 provinces representing 75% of the Iraqi population are free and stable.
  • Iraq has satellite TV previously outlawed by Saddam. ALF is one of their favorite satellite shows.
  • Cell phones are now allowed in Iraq. Under Saddam, they were a crime punishable by death.
  • Our brave men and women in uniform freed 24 million Iraqi people from a brutal dictator.
  • Iraq has over 500 free papers for the first time ever- they speak, write and print what they want.
  • Government Rape squads no longer patrol the streets of Iraq to interrogate and kill families.
  • Street sweepers in Iraq make $3 per day, the same as teachers made under Saddam.
  • Street vendors make 30 times what they made under the thumb of Saddam Hussein.
  • Hundreds of Iraqi cities and towns have electricity, sewer and running water for the FIRST TIME EVER! They no longer have human waste running down the streets!
  • US Forces have trained hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Police and Iraqi National Guard Soldiers. Soon Iraq can stand on it’s own - Just takes time.
  • First EVER FREE Iraqi elections on January 30th, 2005 - 60% voter turnout
  • First ever Iraqi Constitution that values FREEDOM and ends discrimination and values ALL Iraqi people - approved BY THE PEOPLE on October 15th, 2005 - 60% of voter turnout again!
There is much more information in Recruiter's post, so please go and read it. These are the numbers that everyone should see.

Now to the number of soldiers lost. Yes, we mourn the loss of our soldiers, but they are not numbers. They are people, not numbers to be bantered about and desecrated by the MSM and Cindy Sheehan and her cohorts. They are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. They have names and families and we will remember them by name, not by what number they were. We will thank their families and honor their memory for the ultimate sacrifice they made for not only Iraq's freedom, but our safety.

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